Where can I find a shapefile with all US counties, and FIPS code for each?

03-21-2011 07:35 AM
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I'm trying to find a shapefile of the US that has each county, and also the FIPS code for each county.  It seems like this should be pretty easy to find, but I haven't had any luck searching sites like GIS Data Depot, etc.

There are Tigerline files that have county with FIPS, but the largest area you can get is by state.  So I tried joining together all 50, but it didn't work so well.  I just need a single shapefile, with each county.

Please help! 

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Hi Robert,
See attached, it's from ESRI.
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can I use this .shp for my online application!
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David, go have file(s) for just the 48 states as I am having difficulty removing Alaska and Hawaii from current set. Thanks.
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Check out Select by Attribute in ArcMap. You should be able to select all but the Alaska and Hawaii counties. At that point, you can export the layer into a new feature class using the data, export data dialog (right click the layer in the table of contents).

In ArcMap, Selection menu, choose Select by Attribute. In the "Select * from counties" box, put

"STATE_NAME" <> 'Alaska' AND "STATE_NAME" <> 'Hawaii'

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I found this thread searching around for this solution and used this file to create a us counties basemap for producing thematic maps on crime rates etc.  However, this file lacks the full 3,143 counties in 2010. It only has 3,141 and is missing two Alaska counties.  Does anyone know if an updated US county boundaries shapefile available that has all 3,143 counties?
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Maybe try

That should just about do it....
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Thank you!.  I was actually looking in the AK geospatial data website to simply treat Alaska separately as the Census website is down due to the govt. shutdown.

They have a boundaries section to their downloadable files but the state and county boundaries are amazingly not in there in any kind of obvious way.
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