Ways to automate adding external users to our Portal?

11-27-2023 07:51 PM
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We get quite a few requests per week to add external users to our Portal. 

Currently this is a manual task for the user to email us, and for us to either make a csv of the list of people wanting to join or typing them in manually. Then after we email them back with their login credentials.

Does anyone have a way of streamlining or automating this process in anyway? 


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Hello @HayleyL 

It would be definitely require a bit more thinking and work around this to be done. I would assume that there is a possibility of every external user could be having a different role altogether.

A probable approach could be as follows:

  • Create a Python script to use a CSV and create user as described in that CSV (CSV method as it allows you to create multiple external user in one go or if needed single user) by fetching a CSV file at a predefined location.
  • Make sure that the script is time aware like only use files added after the last run so that it doesn't run the same CSVs again.
  • Make a location probably a shared folder where this CSV can be placed.
  • Schedule a Task in Task scheduler at desired interval to run the python script and create the user.

This should allow you to streamline process of creating user with one manual task being creating just the CSV. To avoid that, you can also share a CSV template with the users and ask them to fill the details like email etc. and then evaluate and place it in the shared location.

I hope that would a good start. Additionally, if you have an internal ticket management system that opens us a whole new world of  possibilities.

Hope this gets the thinking process started around this. 

Hope it helps!