Still getting credential request after setting up SSO with Automatic Log in using Active Directory and IWA?

09-20-2023 10:01 AM
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Hello, I am trying to configure Automatic Login for my organization to access Organization shared gis data and web services, but I am still getting the following prompt when they attempt to access the provided URL..


So far I have configured the following:

  1. Portal set to allow access to portal through HTTPS only
  2. Do not allow anonymous access to portal
  3. Portal Admin connected to Active Directory
  4. IIS on Portal's webadaptor set to:
    1. Anonymous Authentication = Disabled
    2. Windows Authentication = Enabled
  5. Internet Options are set to Automatic Login only in Intranet zone

I was following Use Integrated Windows Authentication With Your Portal

Any advice on what to check next?

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Can I ask if you're seeing this from the internet or the intranet?  


Scott Tansley
Consulting Architect (ArcGIS Enterprise)
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