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02-16-2024 01:23 PM
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Hey all,

Enterprise 11.2, Linux Containers Notebooks

Recently, I've been getting this when starting a new Notebook, it will happen for all users:



If I press Jupyter Notebook, I get this:



Any way to change the token to the correct one? Just looking to change the token itself, maybe there's a config file somewhere? I've found some tokens before but haven't been able to find if they're the right ones!

Thanks in advance!


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Following..We're having the same issue with the Notebook Server (Linux) on 11.2. Our issue started while migrating to a new server. @CodyPatterson I'll relay any updates we get on our end. Please, please let me know if you found a resolution as well! Thank you.


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Hey @sworkmanhs 

I was able to get most of the Notebook issues resolved by changing a WebContextURL on the Notebook server itself. If you have a reverse proxy or are redirecting the traffic in any way, it seems to be the solution if we change the URL. Example:

Portal is

Notebook was https://arcgis.notebook.local/notebook

Changed to https://arcgis.reverse-proxy/notebook

That had seemingly fixed the issue, now we are at a point where it immediately fails connecting to the kernel, so we're reaching out to professional services to get this checked out, I also have a ticket open, so I can let you know what happens!


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