Portal Home Page Configuration will not be maintained in future upgrades

02-22-2024 08:27 AM
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Portal Versions 11.1 and later does not include the ability to create a customized homepage using html (ESRI refers to this as the Legacy homepage). The ability to design the home page is the new Home Page Editor which is extremely limiting and offers very little options. 

When attending the User Conference during the Plenary Session you used to see examples of the Homepages different organizations would make and Jack would speak about how the homepages a great representation of each organization. Unfortunately, it appears they have taken a step back when providing this new version of portal.

When speaking to ESRI the point was brought up that Site Pages still allows for the use of HTML for customization but within the builder for specific parts. The ESRI Support staff saw our concerns and agreed with us the Home Page Builder should be configured similar to that of the Site Pages. So, they created an Enhancement: 

ENH-000164935 : Allow for Portal's home builder to have similar editing capabilities as site pages allowing for some HTML editing.


We were advised to have everyone who wishes to use this enhancement reach out to their account representatives referencing it and be added to the list and have it noted onto your account.

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Just tagged my Rep to be attached; but good ENH request... 

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