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Portal for ArcGIS 11.3: can no longer delete .slpk items

a month ago
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Just migrated to 11.3 and I noticed I can no longer delete .slpk item after sucessful creation of the sceneServer service.

At 11.3, when trying to delete a .slpk, 3 requests are made:

sharing/rest/content/users/myuser/items/myitemid/canDelete?f=json => return  "success:true".

-  sharing/rest/content/items/myitemid/relatedItems?relationshipType=Service2Data&direction=forward&f=json => 0 

-  sharing/rest/content/items/myitemid/relatedItems?relationshipType=Service2Data&direction=reverse&f=json => 1

And because "relationshipType=Service2Data&direction=reverse" returned 1, the following pop-up shows up:


So I doubled check the documentation, and it looks to me like a bug as it is stated it should be doable and even recommended not to explode the Portal for ArcGIS:

When you publish from ArcGIS Pro or a scene layer package, the .slpk file is added as an item in your content. Once you confirm that the scene layer functions, you can delete the scene layer package from the portal to save space on the portal machines, but only if you are certain you no longer need the scene layer package.

It is kind of an issue as our .slpk files are massiv !

If I compare the same workflow with 11.1, it works as only the first request is made:

sharing/rest/content/users/myuser/items/myitemid/canDelete?f=json => return  "success:true".

There is no additional request about "relatedItems".


Did I miss anything ? 









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Works from sharing API though, so not a so big issue 🙂 :

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Agreed about the massive file sizes and having to worry about tanking the enterprise.

Currently sketching up the disk drive separation for all components of Highly Available ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 (Portal, Hosting Server, Raster Analytics, Image Server sites, ArcGIS Data stores, etc.)

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