New Enterprise install now running into issues.

12-08-2022 09:30 AM
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Hi all, 

My county just did a new Enterprise install and I felt like it was going well, but now I am running into some issues. 

For the first week I was having no issues, I could post feature layers to portal and overwrite them if needed to do adjustments. Now I can no longer see feature layers when I go to overwrite a web layer, it only shows the mage images. I can create a new web layer, but I can no longer see any of the web layers in the chose layer to overwrite menu. I can see all the feature layers in catalog.

Another issue is that in Pro I get connected to two different portals. The one with the pc name https://arcgis-portal.-.-/portal and one with web adapter https://portal.-.-/portal . I am not the IT guy, and the IT guy was just going off the information he got from the how to base config class. IF anyone has suggestion to stop having pro do two connections or if this might be the cause my other issues please help. 

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