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07-30-2021 02:34 PM
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I am configuring the NearBy Configurable App in Enterprise Portal and I have enabled the "Add map pin and/or label at the searched location‎" and "Include a map pin on the map to show the searched address‎" but when I perform an address search the Pin does not drop on the map. I have also configured the app to include a "Directions Link" and it is also missing from the side panel.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have included screenshots. 

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BUG-000135894 pin missing from map in 10.8.1

Directions Link... status unknown

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The directions link requires that you configure the Portal to get direction
If the routing service is not configured on your Portal, the directions link will not be available on the Nearby App. You can either publish a custom network analysis service or use ArcGIS Online route service (this costs credit).