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01-31-2023 09:16 AM
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Our organization is using 10.9.1 and as far as I know all patches are up to date. 

I'm seeing a consistency issue in our production portal. I first saw this in a Media map hover popup, the screen capture is from a web map in our AGOL environment. Data is published to an enterprise portal (testing or production) and then added through url to a webmap in our AGOL.

The data in the popup (or even if you just view the table) does not always match what is on the screen/highlighted. 

In the first attached screen capture the popup should show data for the highlighted point on the screen (circled in pink), which is Callaway NE. The popup is showing data for a location in Lincoln NE (circled in black). 

In the second attached screen capture, the popup should show information for the point circled in black. Two points (both circled in red) are incorrectly highlighted on the map. 

Sometimes the popup is correct, sometimes it is not correct. This application will be deployed for public use. The popups need to correctly describe the information clicked (or with a hover) on the screen. 

Here's another interesting fact - this works just fine when the layer is published to our testing portal, but it doesn't work when published to our production portal. I've eliminated every variable I can think of between the two. It works on my desktop, before being published to either environment. If I bring the portal layer into ArcGIS Pro (from either environment) the relationship is correct. 

All of the data is in the same respective SQL Server database (different databases between testing and production). We've had the SQL team run a compare on the tables in the databases and the tables are the same. I am using a query layer to join a view (created in ArcGIS Pro) with a point layer. My group geocoded the point data and it's been reviewed more than once. I know there are not two points at the location circled in pink (first screen capture). This issue happens across the map with different location. If you click on one pharmacy location 5 times, you might get the correct information twice and information for 3 different pharmacies. 

I'm using the exact same code to create the views in the different environments (test/production).
I'm using the exact same code to create the query layers in the different environments. 
I'm publishing the layers with the same permissions. 

Any ideas?

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        It's hard to say what is going on but I would use the Developer Tools in Chrome to inspect the query URLs that are being sent to your REST API.  This may give you some insight into why you are getting incorrect results.  Another thought is to ensure your index keys are unique for this point data set.

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Thank you Bernie. 

I found the issue and wanted to share the cause and fix. 

The data type was different in the fields I was using to join the tables in the query layer.

The GIS field was an int and the SQL view was text. Lack of communication between developers … was essentially the issue, but I'm really surprised that this worked in ArcGIS Pro. I don’t understand why the join was successful in the query layer; in my mind that should have failed too.

I also don't understand why I had one published feature service that worked consistently, I've checked that data and it had the same issue; different field types - it isn't logical that it worked. 

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