Issue with accessing WFS Service in Portal

11-22-2023 02:58 AM
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Hello All,

We are using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 on Windows VMs. 

Problem: WFS services that work with ArcGIS Online are not working when accessed from Enterprise Portal maps.


We are making use of a federated setup where we have GIS servers and Hosting servers federated to Portal 10.8.1. We have some set of WFS services published by DEFRA UK hosted at the site.

In ArcGIS Online I am able to access the WFS services using the Add Layer option. However, the same is not accessible from ArcGIS Enterprise Portal Maps.

Upon examining the HTTP requests, I found that ArcGIS Online to be sending HTTP GET Requests to the WFS endpoint and is successfully executing the GetCapabilities, DescribeFeatureType and GetFeature requests.

However, ArcGIS Enterprise uses HTTP GET for GetCapabilities,  DescribeFeatureType and  HTTP POST with a GML payload for GetFeature Request. While the site successfully responds to the GetCapabilities and DescribeFeatureType requests, it throws a HTTP 404 error message for the HTTP POST GetFeature Request.

Is anyone else facing similar issues?

While this could be attributed to the end source not honoring a HTTP POST request, is it possible to switch from HTTP POST to HTTP GET for a GetFeature request in ArcGIS Enterprise?

Pls refer to attached image.

Not sure why two different approaches have been adopted here.

Thanks for your time. Will summarize.



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The issue is that AGOL may have used a POST back when 10.8.1 was released.  It's getting quite an old version now.  I don't think this will work, but you could try adding the defra URL to the Trusted Servers:

You can use either or just as the parameter.  I really don't think the trusted server thing will work, but it's got me out of jail a couple of times... 

Scott Tansley
Consulting Architect (ArcGIS Enterprise)
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Hi Scott

Thanks for your response. I added the domain but that didnt work for me.




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