Duplicate portal server entry - gw_accounts

03-04-2024 07:18 PM
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Hi there,

Has anyone come across portal adding a duplicate entry into the gw_accounts table?  Accompanied by a "Failed to update account" message in the logs - any thoughts as to what this is doing? Seeing this @ 10.9.1


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Hey Fraser,

Ran into a similar issue on two of our 10.9.1 deployment when trying to upgrade from ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 to 11.1.

My errors when trying to perform the upgrade looked like this:

"ERROR:  could not create unique index "gw_accounts_pkey"

DETAIL:  Key (id)=(0123456789ABCDEF) is duplicated."

It took a few months of back and forth with Esri support (and many snapshots and restores) but eventually I got a workflow off them for this.

It is listed as a bug which affects Kubernetes deployments however we are not using Kubernetes and still experienced it, apparently the gw_accounts table is meant to have one record but a bug occurs which causes it to have two identical records.

If these errors sounds similar to yours shoot me a message and I'll send over the first part of the workflow which can be used to verify your system is experiencing this bug without having to take anything offline. 🙂 

Kurt Pattison

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Hi Kurt,

I sent you a message last night with my details - keen to see if we are experiencing the same thing as you. Thanks


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