Domains dropped in hosted feature layer view after configuring attributes

12-05-2022 06:23 PM
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I have created a feature layer view of a hosted feature layer containing several fields with coded domains, but the domains disappear after configuring the attributes. 

This post describes the same behavior in AGOL, but I cannot see a resolution and it seems to persist in the enterprise portal (version 10.8.1). 

I want to use the feature view layer in Field Maps using a subset of available fields and I'd like to set the editing capability for individual fields. I have done this by doing the following: 

  1. Go to Visualization page of the view layer item
  2. Configure pop ups
  3. Configure attributes
  4. Check the display and edit checkboxes for individual fields
  5. Click OK twice


Configure pop-upsConfigure pop-upsConfigure attributesConfigure attributesSet display and editSet display and edit

Upon reviewing the Fields on the Data page for the view layer, the domains are no longer present:

Domain inheritedDomain inheritedDomain droppedDomain dropped

Editing capabilities have been set in the original hosted feature layer and in the layer view. 

Hoping someone has found a work-around for this?



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