Configuring multiline Text box in Pop-Up Attributes not available in ArcGIS Portal 10.9.1 (new WebMap Viewer)?

09-20-2023 04:41 AM
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Hi, I´m trying to configure a multiline Text Box for an Attribute in my Feature Layer in ArcGIS Portal 10.9.1. In Map Viewer Classic, this works smoothly by choosing the desired TextBoxType (mehrzeilig=multiline)


But I have to use the new MapViewer to get the benefit of the CIM Symbol Support.

In the new Map Viewer, this option is no longer availabe. 

In ArcGIS Online and later versions of AGE this function is available in the Layer Properties Section of the Webmap and the function "forms". 


I revisited all documentation and the IssuesAdressed list for 10.9.1, but could not find a possibility to configure this function, nor a hint if this was deprecated in 10.9.1.

Any ideas how to set this up in the new map viewer?



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Hi Kartrin,

This topic is discussed here:

Are you using a Map Image Service, by chance?  It seems that custom labeling expressions are not yet available within the New Map Viewer for Map Image Services.  (The button to create them just isn't there).  I had reached out to Technical Support and was told that this capability is not available in 10.9.1, but is in the development plan for Enterprise 11.2.  In the meantime, the work-around would be to either create the layer as a Feature Service rather than a Map Image Service, or, if you have to use a Map Image, then create the label within Map Viewer Classic, then save the web map as a New Map Viewer web map.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Greg, thank you for answering. 

I am using Feature Services in the WebMap. I checked the Topic you mentioned, but it was about labeling  features, and mine is more about configuring the attribute field in a way that it can hold more than one line. 

Best regards, Katrin


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