Can a "Copy Text" button be created in pop ups in Portal maps?

02-06-2023 12:41 PM
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We have a couple map applications that are specific for use in the office. Some of the layers in these maps have a field with local file paths to relevant PDFs, and the maps were set up with hyperlinks to these documents in the pop up.

While I know linking local file paths is no longer supported, we used an extension in Chrome that allowed for the hyperlinks to open in the browser. However after upgrading from 10.8.1 to 10.9.1, this no longer works and just opens the current application in a new window.

While we work on a permanent solution to make our documents accessible from Portal, I'm looking into any temporary quick fixes that could make things a little easier for the user. Could I easily add a button on the pop-up that could be clicked to copy the field's contents? They could then just paste the path into their browser. Not ideal, but would be an improvement.

I'm open to any other temporary solutions to this as well

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