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Bug Found: Field loss during joins

06-11-2024 01:53 PM
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Enterprise 11.1, map viewer classic (because new map viewer does not have analysis tools)

When using the Analysis tool to run a Many-To-One join in the webmap, the join field from the "layer to join to target layer" gets deleted from the output data set. However in ArcPro, joins add all the fields (unless specified otherwise) to the target layer. This becomes an issue in Enterprise maps and dashboards when displaying by certain fields, matching fields to filter or display data by in OpsDashboards. Is there a solution to this or is this just a known bug?

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Hello @edmeehan 🙂
I would like to request a few more details or a use case as to why you'd need the join field from the join layer specifically instead of using the join field from the target layer, that is already present in the output? The target's join field would have the exact same values as that from the join layer (because it was used to perform the join operation) and should be available to use in maps and Dashboards.

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