ArcGIS Portal webgisdr running javaw consumes all cpu.

12-06-2023 01:00 PM
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We are running 11.1 in a highly available setup utilizing S3 and DynamoDB. When my webgisdr (full backup) runs the javaw.exe consumes almost all of the CPU, to the point the site becomes unavailable. Is there anything I can do to reduce these effects? My incremental run doesn't do this. 

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Hello @np_al ,

That's a very broad spectrum of components which are involved in the process. However, the WebGISDr is simply a tool which is calling into APIs within Portal, Server, and Data Store. It is likely possible to see the javaw.exe processes for Portal and Server and a PG process for Data Store using most of the CPU, However, usually, it's not to a point of making site unavailable.

As you mentioned, that the incremental run does go well. This makes me think it could be the size of the backup which you full run of WebGISDr is creating and the location where it is being placed.

I would suggest start small and investigate each components:

Try crating backup of each components separately as follows

This would show us which component is specifically taking time and we can conclude the following from the above:

  • Which component is taking most of the time?
  • We can also narrow down if it's the shared location?
  • We can calculate the size of the full backup also

This could be a good starting point to narrow down the cause of the problem and plan an action for the same. Let me know how it goes.

Hope it helps!



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@ArchitSrivastava thanks I will break it down like you suggest. I do have a feeling the Portal is the one taking the longest, but I do not want to assume anything.




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