ArcGIS Enterprise Sites 10.8.1 : Attribute table does not show anymore for Feature Layers

09-13-2021 11:30 PM
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We have an open data portal based on ArcGIS Enterprise Sites 10.8.1 (

All used to work fine, but recently I noticed that the attribute table is not been shown anymore, when I click on Data in the detail view of a dataset (see below). I am not sure when this changed exactly, but I am pretty sure that nothing on the data side changed.


Is this maybe a bug that was introduced with one of the ArcGIS Enterprise updates? When I click on one of the features I can see the information from the attribute table for this feature, which means that it is likely not a problem with access rights. In Portal for ArcGIS it still works as it should.  

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello Martin,

It might be due to one of the MIME type is not set properly in your Web Server.

For IIS, you will need to have the following MIME types registered.

extension MIME/typeDescription




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Hello Szu,

Thanks a lot for the tip. 

However, I have checked and the .wasm extension seems to be registered properly (see below). 

I tried removing and then re-registering (with a reboot of the server), but the result does not change.


Do not hesitate to share any other idea with me that comes to your mind.



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