Accounts' security - disable security question?

2 weeks ago
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Hi everyone,

I have just installed Portal for ArcGIS 10.9.1. I have created a test user and when I tried to login with this account, portal didn't ask me to change the password (like it normally does in ArcGIS Online). Instead, it prompted me to set up a security question...Is there a way to configure portal to act like ArcGIS Online - if a user logs in for the first time, the system will force him/her to change the password? Also, if I try to recover the password via email, the portal asks me to answer the security question. Is there a way to disable security questions?

What I am trying to achieve is a self-managed accounts system, where I will only be (via some scripts) setting up users accounts. Then, if they forget the password, they can recover it by themselves. If I have security questions enabled, it kind of defeats the purpose as most of the users won't remember both the password and the answer to the questions and end up contacting me, which means that I will have to manually setup a new password.


I hope that makes sense.


Thanks a lot in advance!



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To my knowledge, that is not going to be possible. I also just installed 10.9.1. You can configure email with Portal, where if a user forgets their password, they can reset it. They will receive an auto email from your Portal to reset it. However, they MUST answer their security question.

I'm going to argue that having security questions does not defeat the purpose of anything. Security questions are designed to be remembered easily. If a user cannot remember their own security question (for example, the city they are born), then I think you might have some bigger problems with your users.

And to my knowledge, there is not a way to ask the user to change their password upon logging in for the first time like AGOL. What you might be able to do is set their password upon creating their account, then immediately resetting their password and sending that to them. Then, it should ask them to set a new password (that's how it works with 10.6.1, haven't confirmed with 10.9.1).

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