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Manage services from Portal

09-29-2017 04:35 AM
Status: Implemented
Esri Regular Contributor

In a federated ArcGIS Server with Portal (ArcGIS Enterprise deployment) allow to manage (start, stop, restart) services from Portal Content Page. This can be a capability only for administrator or specific role.

Also will be helpful if it is possible to see the service status (stopped, started, ...) from Portal content Page.

Finally services in stopped state can warn the user before select to add it on map viewer (is waste of time waiting the service response that is not available).

by Anonymous User

This would be particularly useful to give users the ability to manage specific services. For example, if I am using registered services (registered MSSQL + hosting server) if a server cycles the sharing permissions are reset at the server level. The portal sharing settings are unaffected so users can still see the items. The issue is that users do not have service level access so they can see the items but cannot interact with them. This results in the manual "resharing" of services when this issue has been identified. The disconnect causes users and admins to be confused about the state of "sharing". 

Status changed to: Under Consideration
Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for this Idea! You are now able to manage map and feature services in the Enterprise portal. If this current functionality does not meet your specific needs, please feel free to create another Idea with additional detail.