ArcGIS Map / Feature Service permissions to allow or disable download

07-12-2021 04:05 PM
Status: Open
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Certain dataset in our organization requires to be only for display, query and identify purposes when shared to public. There should be a fine grained control on allowing or disabling data export from ArcGIS Map or Feature service. Currently, both map and feature services are designed either to be secured completely or shared to public for display, query or download.

The export function isn't obvious, but functionality is available as explained through or Please note that there is an 'Extract' operation allowed on Feature Access capability, but it has a different purpose and won't change this behavior. 

I will propose having control on making a map service open to public, but strictly following the OGC WMS service definition with display, identify, query capabilities as per the link And it shouldn't be mixed with Image Service definition as it should be dynamic.

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