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10-25-2021 06:16 AM
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Hello All,

I am trying to view a 3D multipatch model in ArcGIS Earth Offline. I added my data (in state plane coordinate system) to a Global Scene and then created a mobile map package. I add the mobile map package to ArcGIS Earth on my desktop and the data is not visualized and I get a yellow warning signal next to the features (see screen shot 1). When I add the mobile map package to ArcGIS Earth on my mobile device it does not display, and all I see is grey squares (see screen shot 2).

I know ArcGIS Earth only supports WGS 84 coordinate systems but I was wondering with 3D mobile scene packages, if it was created from a global scene, would that/should that data still be able to be viewed in ArcGIS Earth. When I publish my 3D multipatch state plane features from a global scene to AGO, it displays correctly, and I can add it to ArcGIS Earth and it works perfectly as well. For what ever reason when I put that same data set to a mobile scene package from a global scene it does not display in ArcGIS Earth. It is critical that I am able to use this data set offline!

Thank you very much and I look forward to your response.

Zach Jaffe


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Hello @ZacharyJaffe ,

Thanks for your feedback. 

Though the MSPK itself is from Global Scene, the inner content in it is still from local scene. So we are able to add this MSPK to Earth Desktop with the invalid content as you shown in the Screenshots.

In the second screenshot,  the reason why Earth Mobile cannot display the Dataset is that it has an extra logic to examine all the scenes included in the MSPK. Once an invalid scene is found, it will be invisible.

We are considering to bring scene reprojection to Earth later next year. If there's more user cases and feedback, we are more than pleased to hear from you again.

Thank you.


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