Viewshed from line with altitude property set to "Relative"

11-09-2022 02:21 PM
Status: Open
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Currently (v. 1.16), lines with the altitude property set to "Relative" cannot be used in a Viewshed animation. However, for a vehicle viewshed, the driver is not at ground level: they are sitting some height above the ground. It would make sense to either add a driver eye level control to the vehicle viewshed animation panel or allow lines with the altitude property set to "Relative" to be used.


Disregard. The setting is at the top middle of the screen.


Hello @gherrman ,


Thanks for your ideas and glad to see you found the setting. We are also planning to bring the Live Altitude displaying for the lines with 'absolute' altitude mode in the coming V1.17 release. Please also look forward to the enhancements we brought to the Interactive Analysis Animation. 

Thank you and we hope you continue to enjoy the journey with ArcGIS Earth!