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02-15-2024 07:24 AM
Status: Open
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I'm trying to persuade colleagues to step away from Google Earth Pro and migrate to ArcGIS Earth (for obvious reasons). One of the challenges with ArcGIS Earth is that there isn't a selection tool widget that makes it easy for users to select multiple layers. One of the challenges with not having this tool is that you are not able to create an area of interest (AOI) and select any data that falls within the AOI.

I'm still fairly new with ArcGIS Earth, so if there is a work around to this please let me know. Otherwise, I think adding a selection tool and create AOIs with a polygon tool would enhance workflows. I know for sure that anyone in the Oil and Gas Industry would rave about this!

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by Esri Contributor

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Just to let you know, in the ArcGIS Earth table of contents, selecting multiple layers at once is something you can do with KML layers by pressing the Ctrl or Shift keys. However, this doesn’t work for other types of layers yet. We’re on it, and we’re looking into ways to make selecting layers and data smoother and more intuitive.

As for the viewport, we’ve got our eyes on making the selection tool and the Area of Interest (AOI). For now, there’s a workaround for feature layers that might help. If you zoom into an area you’re focusing on and use the 'filter by extent' option from the attribute table you can filter your data to just see the bits you’re interested in. It’s not the perfect fix for AOI, but it might just do the trick for now. Please check the doc here about the attribute table for more info -

We appreciate your input! And we’re excited about getting these updates to you soon.