ArcGIS Earth on Android is in Alpha!

09-02-2018 08:25 PM
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ArcGIS Earth has been well received since we launched it, helping to deliver GIS capability for all kinds of users, from students to scientists. We've been working to put the easy-to-use capability of ArcGIS Earth into the hands of our users. This week, we're releasing a mobile version of ArcGIS Earth for Android devices to our Early Adopter Community and Google Play Store. The ArcGIS Earth Android is optimized to let you quickly browse 2D and 3D content, both offline and .

The mobile version of ArcGIS Earth allows users to

  • Browse 2D and 3D content from an Android device.
  • Collect and share information in the field.
  • Perform interactive 3D analysis.
  • Simulate walking in a 3D scene.

Here are some of the ways these capabilities work:

Browsing 2D and 3D Content from an Android Device - You can connect to ArcGIS  or ArcGIS Enterprise and add 2D or 3D data to a mobile device. The ArcGIS Earth app for Android currently supports feature services, image services, scene services, and map services. For users in unfavorable environments, such as those working in the field, ArcGIS Earth supports the capability to add scene layer packages and tile packages saved in your device's local storage.

Collecting and Sharing Your Information in the Field - We introduced the Tour feature to help you collect and share information. You can quickly play a tour with photos in your album, showcase what you've seen along a journey, or point out where you have been during a fieldwork assignment. We have an example that shows a recent trip along a hiking trail near the Great Wall of China. You can also add place markers, and add edits.

ArcGIS Earth Mobile Tour feature - YouTube 

Performing Interactive 3D Analysis - You can select the measurement tool to extract coordinates and run a quick visibility assessment—including line of sight and viewshed analysis—with interactive 3D analysis tools. A more robust version of these tools will be in ArcGIS Earth 1.8 for desktop users—coming soon!

Simulating Walking in a 3D Scene - With the sensors in your mobile device, you can even simulate walking in a 3D scene.


As an Esri mobile app, ArcGIS Earth embeds an extensible geosearch capability and basemap options from ArcGIS . Powered by ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android, the ArcGIS Earth mobile app will continually explore emerging technology like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), putting these tools directly into your hands.

All these updates are ready in the Early Adopter Community or the Google Play Store for free. We invite you to join Alpha program—please provide us with feedback and help us define how interactive 3D experiences via your mobile device can help you in your work or personal life.

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