ArcGIS Earth 1.13 is here!

07-29-2021 03:25 PM
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Esri Contributor
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ArcGIS Earth Desktop 1.13 has been released on July 29. To learn more, and to download the latest ArcGIS Earth, check out the ArcGIS Earth product page. It will go live later on Microsoft store.


What's New 


This release includes support for new exciting features like configuration file sharing, visibility range, layer icon customization, and made several enhancements.




Config sharing - You can share a local configuration file with your organizations as an XML file directly through the ArcGIS Earth Configuration Manager.


Visibility Range - Set layer visibility at a specified range and get the best view of data at various levels of detail.

                                XiChen_1-1627597254794.gif                                                  XiChen_2-1627597291736.gif            

Layer icon customization - Layer icons in the table of contents can now be customized based on each layer type or folder type.






Undo/Redo editing enhancement - Undo and redo are now supported for editing KML properties, including colors, styles, labels, views, information.

Time format unification - The format of time elements displayed in ArcGIS Earth will match the operating system settings.

Microsoft .appx equivalency - ArcGIS Earth 1.13 installed from Microsoft Store is now equivalent to ArcGIS Earth installed using an executable file in terms of social logins and being set as the default app for KML, KMZ, or MSPK.



Issue Addressed


The following table lists reported bugs that were fixed at ArcGIS Earth 1.13:

  • BUG-000138088: ArcGIS Earth fails to load a WMS service enabled from an image service.
  • BUG-000102047: Adding a mosaic dataset image service with Allowed Mosaic Methods 'Default method : By Attribute and Order Field : Date' gives the error String was not recognized valid Date_Time error when the service URL is added to ArcGIS Earth.
  • BUG-000138227: When viewing a map service with a set visibility range in ArcGIS Earth, pop-ups will still display when features are not visible.
  • BUG-000139838: When adding the URL of the configuration file hosted over ArcGIS Online to ArcGIS Earth, the Unable to load configuration settings error message is returned.



Known Limitation




KML/HTML window

Some videos using H264/AAC codecs cannot be played in ArcGIS Earth.

Time slider

When data falls outside of the time interval, it is still displayed in ArcGIS Earth.

Feature service

Feature service fails to load when it contains SVG symbols.


Arabic strings display as boxes after applying italic style on the Info tab of the Properties dialog box.

Visibility range

Preset maximum or minimum scale of the web map cannot be read in ArcGIS Earth.


No "Properties" option when right-click on kml placemark if there's no properties info for this kml data.


No highlight after selecting a drawing KmlPlacemark on TOC if there's no properties info for this kml data.


Regarding the last two known limitations of KML data, we currently provide below workarounds:

  • Make sure KML data is appropriately edited with properties info
  • Double-click KML data from the Table of Contents to zoom to the data
  • Check or uncheck from the Table of Contents to navigate to the data
New Contributor II

I tried downloading and installing and learned that the Microsoft Store is still showing the previous version of Earth.  

by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

@Sniffer Thanks for the feedback. The update on Microsoft Store takes longer to complete. Could you please try the Windows installation link on this page?




New Contributor II

Well, that works.  However, It does not upgrade the previous version (1.12) but rather installed ArcGIS Earth 1.13 on my computer.  I now have to delete 1.12.  I hope in deleting 1.12 my files will not be deleted.  Thank you.

by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

@Sniffer  Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Did you install 1.12 from MS store? If so, that's by design. As you are installing 1.13 from windows exe, it won't overwrite the old version installed from MS store but only overwrite the old version installed by the windows exe. If you install from MS store, then 1.12 will be overwritten with 1.13.

The files won't be deleted and should be loaded in 1.13. 

MVP Frequent Contributor

That link worked great to update the existing v1.12 installation to v1.13

Esri Contributor

Amazing Earth🌏. It's the Next Level!

New Contributor II

I'm trying to install this version from the given windows installation. I cannot see the option to choose either to install for the current user or for all, also no option to change the destination folder. 

I would ask if you can add these options to the installation file!


New Contributor

I've noticed on a couple of PC I installed this on, that simple images no longer display in the pop-up kml window for placemarks, yet they do display when right-clicking the placemark and choosing the Info tab.