automate arcgis pro upgrade

11-04-2020 10:40 AM
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I am looking for a way to automate the upgrade process for ArcGIS Pro using the application's built-in capability. I know I can find and download the MSP patches and automate their install, but I was looking for a way to upgrade using the same mechanism ArcGIS Pro uses to find, download, and install the latest update. I found ArcGISUpdate.exe within the applicaton bin directory, and Pro creates a copy under the user's AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\ArcGISUpdate\ArcGISPro directory, but neither program will operate by simply running it - they generates an "Update failed. Download server could not be reached..." error, and I can find no command line switches they will accept. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I have always not been in favor of automated updates, maybe this is because I have been burned (too many times, over the last 30 years) by software updates breaking workflows! In fact, for our campus installs, my ArcGIS Pro silent install script uses the ArcGIS Pro installer CHECKFORUPDATESATSTARTUP=0 flag to block update notifications in ArcGIS Pro so I keep my students at the same version of ArcGIS Pro through the semester. This forces everyone to be on exactly the same version of the software during the academic term so student projects don't get derailed by an unexpected introduced bug, or even a new functionality that not everyone on campus has yet.

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