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09-27-2014 03:24 PM
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This is great resource, thank you Curtis.

It's going off-topic a little, but our organisation is actually moving away from the batch files we've used since forever and we're finding a lot of success using the overly-cumbersome acroynmised MSSCCM*.

From a support/dev standpoint it's great as we can hand off that overhead to ICT, yet still retain fine-grained control of the application installation and configuration if we need to.  My time spent on this task has gone from hours (developing, debugging, testing, error/exception handling) to just minutes (load to server, email ICT to tell them where it is and what to do with it) .

It also makes version control and administration simple compared to inspecting machines manually.  You can also 'advertise' a new version to software users and I suspect mandatory push it as well with the right policies.  ICT likes it as they get better control of enterprise software - they also take a dim view of us hacking around in the registry and similar turf invasions.

From the user perspective, it's win-win as well.  An in-situ upgrade of ArcGIS Desktop automagically keeps their .sde connections (you had to do that manually or script it yourself), it's a simple one-button action, they can keep working on non-GIS duties while it works in the background.  It's also not tied to mapped drives and not as susceptible to glitches as scripts can be.

If you have this capability, I highly recommend it.

* Disclaimer: I am not employed by or affiliated with Microsoft, I received no monetary or otherwise gainful compensation for this comment.  I'm just highly surprised and pleased that something MS made actually works are advertised and is actually effective and efficient.

We usually install six packages (Desktop, x64 GP, data inter-op, 2 custom MSIs (unix tools, desktop fonts and styles), XTools, so our SCCM wizards have been taking our script and using it to build a package! What's nice about SCCM is it is that flexible, you can set it up to do whatever you need.

Nice to hear positive report of successful SCCM deployments. Our IT folk complain constantly of how hard it is to get SCCM to do what they want, e.g. can take a week plus for a "install X" order to actually occur. I think it's an underlying configuration or infrastructure issue and not Esri<-->SCCM related, but I'm way out on the periphery so can't dig in.

Anyway, the net result is, I'm still using and debugging batch files. Thanks for the resource list; only the v10.3 white-paper is returned for "arcgis 10.5 enterprise deployment"

The most current deployment guide can be found here


Thanks Laurene. It's the first link from Curtis's opening post above too.

Addition to the list: arcplus/uninstall-ALL-ArcGIS-products.md at master · envygeo/arcplus · GitHub 

(up to date for 10.6 though some products could be missing; contributions welcome. Better yet, Esri distribute their own tool that does same.)

Thank you, lot's of great stuff on that github! I have a similar vb script that reads a file of guids. Yes, Esri should post a guid repository!

Thanks Curtis It's good to know when one of the things I leave scattered about turns out to be useful to other people. Your comment prompted me to update the uninstall script and publish my own version of installing pro script.

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