can't save ready to user validation attribute rule

11-05-2022 03:13 PM
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I'm trying to applying create validation rule using ArcGIS Pro 3 and following the Managing Data Quality Using ArcGIS Data Reviewer  training exercise 

when click  save  , no any response and there exclamation mark  next to Validation 


in addition when trying apply validation (feature on feature )

the feature to compare dropdown list and spatial relationship  empty 

could you please help ,, 




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Have you enabled Global IDs on your AP_LandUse feature class? If not, in the Catalog Pane, right-click the feature class and click manage. In the popup, click manage, then check off Global IDs.


In the picture above, I previously enabled Global IDs, so it is now locked.


I get the same exact behavior you described if I have not yet enabled this option. Esri documentation does mention you need to do this, but it does not make that clear within Pro.

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