Windows Task Scheduler Error

12-06-2023 11:14 AM
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When I run Data Interoperability via Windows Task Scheduler, I receive an "ERROR : Python Exception <ExecuteError>: ERROR 160236: The operation is not supported by this implementation. Failed to execute (DeleteRows)." from my shutdown script.  

When I run it manually in ArcPro, I do not receive any errors and everything works as expected.

Any suggestions?  

Also, @BruceHarold -- is there a way to subscribe to your "What's New in ArcGIS Data Interoperability" blog posts?

Thank you!!

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello Ashley

It seems you have struck an issue we haven't found a cause for:

If you open a support call the analyst can look at your workflow.

Re. subscribing, if you subscribe to the whole Data Interoperability board you'll get everything, and thank you for asking.



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Hi Ashley, 

Were you able to resolve this issue? I have been intermittently encountering the same error while running scripts through Task Scheduler and have been unable to determine the cause or a fix. 

Thank you!

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Any luck?

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