"Cannot access data" appearing regularly on Dashboards / WMA

05-07-2024 11:01 AM
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Any of you get regular "Data source error" on ArcGIS Dashboards / WMA?

We are using ArcGIS Online dashboards and WMA. We are regularly getting the data source error with the yellow warning icon.

I feel it happens more often around 10-11PM and around 2-3PM.  The data is inaccessible for 5-10 minutes then it all come back magically.

I've been saying to my users that it must be "server updates".  But when you are in the middle of a conversation with a client, 10 minutes of non accessible services looks like eternity!

Anyone else encountered this?  Any explanations? Any solutions?





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when i have encountered this i feel like its because of my local network connection rather than something inherent to AGOL. Is it inaccessible to everyone or just on one side? 

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