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11-07-2014 08:19 AM
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Is there a way to include the database field "shape.length" in a summary widget option field to sum the total length of a layer?  I want to use the auto generated field for this total vs. having a user type in the length.

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You must go into your web map & click on the layer you want to summarize length on... then go to configure pop up... and then go to Configure Attributes... You will then see the Shape Length field visible to check on.

Save your web map. Go back to your operations dashboard using that web map and make sure that layer is checked as a data sources within your map widget.

Then you will now see the Shape_Length field available to Sum on.

We have not been able to successfully sum on Shape Length field here though as the widget give us an error message & no data is populated within the widget to reflect sum length of layer being used. Very frustrating. We want to be able to sum length of pipe with our utilities data on specific layers that are drawn dynamically within our map services.

This would be such a huge benefit. I'm surprised their is not more posted about this topic.

Please let me know if you successfully get the Summary Widget to return results from your Operations Dashboard.


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Alex - Thanks for the reply.

My problem is that the Shape Length field is not even an option to check on or off in my web map that I have used to create my dashboard from.  Do you know how I am able to get this field so I can see it?



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I believe that in order to see the Shape.STLength() field, it needs to be a map service.

This is because if you inspect the fields that display at the rest end point of a map service vs feature service, you will notice that the feature service does not list Shape.STLength() as part of its' available fields.

If it is a map service, then you will be able to do what Alexander Baker mentioned above.

Here are some other threads talking about this:

AGO Operations Dashboard - Chrome vs IE, SHAPE.STLength() field, multi-condition variables   (This one says that the error is no longer an issue.)

using shape_length for the indicator widget 


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same problem with Shape AREA SUM: i can see this field inthe map service, webmap and Dashboard but the ID wdget gives always the same error "impossible to access to the data"

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I've tried using SHAPE.LEN from both a feature layer and a map image layer and both give the same "Cannot Access Data" error.  We had to create a spatial view of our SDE data and add a length column using ST_Length().  This is in Enterprise 10.6.1.  Hopefully ESRI figures out this bug in 10.7 or 10.7.1.

We also found the same issue with area and plan on creating spatial views for those feature classes too.

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Hi! I am experiencing the same issue in Portal 10.8.1, did you ever find a solution?



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