Map element's pop-ups toggle not working

06-24-2022 06:42 AM
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I think the June 2022 update to Dashboards may have created a new issue - the map element's "pop-ups" toggle is not working. More specifically, pop-ups in map elements are ALWAYS appearing, even when I switch the map element's "pop-ups" toggle off. 

I have been working on an app for a while now which relies on a bunch of custom pop-up arcade expressions that display in the details element of my app (not the map). The logic I've built relies on the map element's pop-up toggle to work (i.e. suppress the custom pop-up from displaying in the map element, but still allow the pop-up to display in the details element). Everything was working fine until this week (thus the reason I think the June 2022 update created the problem).

I appreciate someone looking into this!




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Since the last update we did too notice that some of our Dashboard are not working, it seems to be related to the table we have in our maps. Those table are working in our webmaps and arcgis Pro, but not in our dashboard. Any help will be appreciated.

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You're right. I didn't even notice it until I saw your post, but my dashboard has the same behavior; I have a map that has the popup toggle off, but popups are now showing up despite that.

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Esri is aware of the issue and marked it as a bug!

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