Is it possible to choose a custom source field in a grouped value selector ?

12-01-2022 02:59 AM
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Let's create a minimal example of my problem.

I have a feature class (FC) and a table (T).

Each element of FC is linked to one or more element(s) in T through a common field GID.

I would like to create a category selector that can choose one or more grouped value in T for a given field F1 (F1 only exist in T ). But now I need to add an action to filter FC with this selector. Unfortunately the source field is set to F1 and cannot be changed to GID. 


In SQL I could do something like:

select FC.* from FC
where GID in (select distinct GID from T where F1 in ('item1','item2',...))

My question is: 

In those cases is there a way to change the source field ?


As we can see above (in french sorry) the source field is set (and cannot be changed) to the category field. So I cannot filter the element in my map :(.

Actually the only workaround I can think of is to create a query layer that add a new boolean field in FC for each category available in the F1 field of T which is... at least painful and with that option I would have to create a number selector for each category.





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