Exclusion of private data in public dashboard

03-22-2023 05:46 AM
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Dear everyone,

I've searched a lot but can't find an answer to my next question. For bird flu I've made a Dashboard in ArcGIS Online based on input from Survey123 (version 3.17). Dead birds are registered in the field with this app. I've now have a dashboard that is visible to a closed group, including privacy-sensitive data such as Name, address and telephone number (visible by pop-up). Now I want to make a 2nd dashboard that is accessible to everyone (public) BUT without these privacy data. What is the best method to exclude these fields? Suggestions welcome! Thanks!

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The Netherlands

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Wilmer, you will want to create a "view" of this data that is different from your original view. A view uses the same data but displays it different based on the criteria that you set. See here for more info on feature layer views: