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12-04-2023 07:54 AM
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We are trying to create a pie chart showing EUI (Energy Use Intensity) over time.   Our data is at 5-minute intervals.  Is there a way to average the EUI per month and show one slice per month in a pie chart?  

Currently, we cannot select the date field (which is a date data type field) as an option for pie charts.  We can filter by date, but that's not quite showing what we want.  


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While I think there are probably better ways to display this information than a Pie Chart, can you just create a text field that contains the name of the month you are interested in (alternatively an integer field numbered 1-12 for the months which would sort better more easily than a text field)? 

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Probably just a data expression with a new field created form Month() of the datetime.

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