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Dashboard Map Not displaying same contents as AGOL map

05-09-2024 06:28 AM
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I have created a dashboard and have added a map that I have created on AGOL however, the map is not showing the same information as when I look at the map directly on AGOL. I have made sure it's the same map, so I am not sure how that is happening. Any ideas? is there a way to clear cache or is this a bug?

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Some stray thoughts:

  1. Have you tried playing with the zoom in both maps to see how it changes?  We have a dashboard of a field effort live right now, and the zooms & when dots pop in aren't exactly 1:1 because of the different sizes of the map panes.  Try zooming your dashboard map in & out, and maybe also full-screen it, and compare how that changes what you see vs. the AGOL Map.
  2. Do you have any interlinked filters on the Dashboard?  One of the neat tricks Dashboard can do is make it so that if you click on a subset of data somewhere else, it can be linked to change what displays in the map, or vice-versa.  For example, for a recent presentation, my coworker set a dashboard up so that when she selected a specific bar on a bar chart, the map displayed only the assets represented by that bar.  If you accidentally turned one of these on, it could be hiding some of your data from you.
  3. Try clearing the browser cache.  Depending on your browser, there are a few things you can try.  The first is CTRL+F5.  For most browsers, that forces a "hard" reload of the page, and disregards any cached information on your machine.  You can also try deleting all the cookies either just for, or across your whole browser, depending on the browser you're using.
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