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Dashboard Chart Actions from multiple data layers

3 weeks ago
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Hello All,

I am creating a Dashboard from a complex data layer. The Dashboard includes one map, 11 charts (in 3 groups that the user can scroll through), 3 indicators, and 3 selectors. I've been able to link Actions for all the various pieces and am getting the results I want as the user makes different selections.

However, as I add more complexity to the charts, my data layer keeps getting larger and larger -- it's just a ginormous flat file. And since Dashboards don't aggregate data like Excel Pivot Tables, I can't create summation charts with my giant flat file of a data layer. I've tried to use multiple data layers in the same Dashboard, but I'm not able to get all the charts, indicators, and map to change (via Actions) if they are created from different layers.

Am I missing something? Is it possible to connect all the pieces of a Dashboard using multiple data layers, even if one layer is simply an aggregate of the other layer?

I'm happy to provide more details, but I didn't want this to be too long. Many thanks for any insights!

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