Compatibility Concern: ESRI Software and i9 Laptops - Seeking Guidance!

11-22-2023 12:04 AM
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Hey everyone,


I've encountered a compatibility snag between my i9-powered laptop and ESRI software, and I'm hoping to tap into the community's expertise for some guidance.


Here's a quick rundown of my setup:


i9 processor-based laptop with 8 GB ram and window 11

The issue arises when [describe the specific compatibility problem or error] occurs while running ESRI software on my i9 laptop []. Despite ensuring that all drivers are up to date and attempting troubleshooting steps suggested online, the problem persists.


Has anyone else experienced compatibility issues between ESRI software and i9 laptops? Are there any known workarounds or fixes that might address this problem? I'm eager to resolve this issue to ensure seamless functionality between my laptop and ESRI tools.


Your insights and experiences would be immensely helpful. Thank you in advance for any assistance or advice you can provide!

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I don't see an error message in your post. Share some more details if possible

  • What error message do you encounter?
  • Which Esri software are you trying to install?
  • Are you observing the issue with a particular Esri software only?
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