Assistance with Removing Duplicates from Dashboard Lists in ArcGIS Online

04-16-2024 03:43 AM
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Dear ArcGIS Online  Team,

I am reaching out to seek assistance with an issue I am encountering on my ArcGIS Online dashboard. As illustrated in the attached screenshot, I am experiencing a problem with duplicate entries in the lists on my dashboard. These repetitions are not intended and I am looking for a way to prevent or eliminate these duplicates to ensure that each entry is unique.

Could you provide guidance on how I can remove or prevent these duplicate entries from appearing in the lists on my dashboard? Are there specific filter settings or another configuration method that can address this issue?

Thank you in advance for your help and advice.


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There is more than one answer for something like this, and to narrow it down you might need to further explain your situation (the data and what you're trying to accomplish).


A couple of solutions i can think of for repeating values are:

1. use the dashboard 'category selector' widget and group by option.

2. use data expression option for lists to group by the field you're displaying. A quick and dirty groupby data expression is this:

var port = Portal("")
//itemID from AGOL
var itemID = "xxxxxxxxxxxx"
//feature set
var FS = FeatureSetByPortalItem(port, itemID)

//first parameter passes in our featureSet. second parameter is the field (or expression) which we are grouping by. the third parameter is the statistics which includes: name of field/column for output, expression, and statistic. 
var FSgroup = GroupBy(FS, ['field name here'], [{name: 'output name here', expression:'1',statistic:'COUNT'}])

return FSgroup

but please reference esri sources for more information:

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