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Are there any other ways to toggle layers on/off than with the layer option within the map element?

06-14-2024 03:18 PM
New Contributor III



I'm trying to simplify the interface of my dashboard to improve the ease of access for the untrained.  

Unfortunately, the way the layer list appears on the map can blend in, and even when seen can be confusing to people due to the number of layers that appear within it.


Sure, I could better organize all of that, with nested group layers, but to me it seems like the optimal set up would be to create a quick toggle button on the dashboard itself.


Something like an element box that I have "Storm Reports" typed on, and it simply toggles on/off the Storm Reports layer.


I know I can do similar things by toggling the "Render only when filtered" box under filter actions, but that seems to have a cascading effect of messing with my other elements that are tied to that data.


I guess I could in theory duplicate the layer and have the toggle be for the layer not connected to the other elements, but that would ultimately just slow down the whole board.


Is there arcade or other options that I'm unaware of that would let me quick toggle the icons off on the map?

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