ArcGIS Dashboard URL Parameter, what is it?

01-29-2023 06:52 PM
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What is it? What use cases can this be applied for? when do you use this? I tried configuring it but did not noticed anything

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URL parameters are useful for giving users set views without having to create separate dashboards. 

Say I have this nifty parking metrics dashboard that I created for my parking teams. 



My parking teams each have their own zone and don't care about the other zone's parking metrics. They feel it's too much work to simply filter the dashboard to their zone, and would rather have a dashboard that is just their zone. 

So I can either make four separate dashboards that I now have to upkeep, or I can add a URL parameter that filters by zone, and give each parking team a different URL to the dashboard.




It's important to note that this simply activates a set filter on the dashboard. It in no way restricts access to other zone's data. If users remove the URL parameter, they will see all of the data in the dashboard. If they navigate to the webmap or feature service that power the dashboard, they will see all the data. If restricting access to data is an important usecase, then you do need to create multiple views/dashboards. 

- Jen
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