ArcGIS Dashboard | Global vs Widget-Level Filters

04-18-2024 07:04 AM
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Has anyone had experience with or utilized the following functionalities:

  1. We can create global filters   in the dashboard, I'm curious if it's feasible to create filters at the widget level. Is such customization supported?

  2. Does clicking on a widget allows access to additional associated details.  Is there is a support for nested hierarchies of widgets.?

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When you create a filter, you choose which widgets the filter acts against. In that way, a filter can be as global or widget-specific as you configure it to be.

For your second point, it depends on what you mean. Many widgets support interactivity that can act against other widgets themselves, like a list that shows you a fuller details panel for the selected item. You could have a hierarchy, I suppose, where a selection in one widget shows items in a second, selection in the second shows items in a third, and so on.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS