Apparent Search Widget Quirk For Test "str" in Dashboards App

08-16-2022 11:42 AM
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My organization has developed a Dashboard App.  The creator of the dashboard asked me to look into an issue related to the "Select Waterbody Name" search.  I will describe the issue below.  To me, it appears to be a quirk/bug with the Dashboards app.  I may contact Esri support depending upon the outcome of this thread.

If I type "st" into the search, multiple entries appear.  But when I type "str," only "Stroughton Lake" appears.  If I type "stru", then "Struble Lake" appears.  We would expect both entries to appear when typing "str."

I tested this against other letter combinations.  If you type "lak", multiple entries appear.  Other examples are "can",  "all," and "pon".

I'm unclear why "str" is not returning multiple results like other three letter combinations?


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