Zoom/filter serial chart

10-21-2021 05:51 AM
Status: Open
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I have two serial charts set up to filter each other (*hint*due to a lack of dual-axis option*/hint*), so that when I select a timerange in one chart, it filters the same timerange in the other chart.

The first chart remains un-filtered however. Is this a bug, or not a feature? 
In case of the latter:

  • I wish for the option for serial charts to be able to filter itself. Whenever I select a range of features in a chart, I want the same chart to filter to that range (like zooming to the range you chose). The Scroll Bar doesn't count.

My question about this being a bug is due to the chart being able to filter itself the second time you filter;

Filter Chart 1 (chart 1 doesn't change), then Chart 2. When you filter Chart 2 it will actually filter itself as expected, probably because of the filter action from chart 1 but then that should also be the case when you filter the first time. 
See GIF attachment. 


To reset both charts I have to click each chart in the correct order to reset the filter-action, but this is not user-friendly for the end-user.

  • I wish for a more clear "reset filter" button. It's not immediately obvious for everyone that you reset by clicking on an empty space in the chart. 
  • I also wish for the ability to filter a chart chart by scrolling with the mouse wheel


What platform and version are you using?



ArcGIS Online and the september 2021 release.