Operation dashboard - Add the ability to save as a template

12-15-2017 02:00 PM
Status: Open
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The idea is to use your existing dashboard with other maps without having to create all the widgets again when changing the input map. Ideally, there would be an input layer for the whole dashboard and all the widgets would use it unless specified otherwise in the widget itself. operations dashboard for argis template


I have to agree, the above suggestion would save a lot of time


+ Jeff Shaner

That is a very good idea.

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+1 !

When i have to create a dashboard for each of the 18 city of our community, i need to re-create all the tools 18 times...

Whe should change a map, and preserve the tools link with it, if the fields are the same.


Was thinking about this more, there is currently a workaround. 

1. Create an Operations Dashboard which you want to use as a Template.

2. When you're ready to use it, open the Dashboard and use the 'Save As' button to save a copy of the dashboard. Do not change any layers at this time. Doing so will mean that you lose the configurations for how those layers are displayed.

3. Open ago-assistant and sign into your AGOL/Portal account.

4. Select the option, I want to 'view an item's json'

5. Select your dashboard to view its json. 

6. You can edit the json to swap out a web map and layers without losing the configurations and linkages.

It's a very technical workaround and requires a development experience to get done, but its possible. 

That said, I still agree that having a way to do this through the UI without having to get all super nerd on it is a really good idea.



My organization has been working with a large feature service based on a Survey123 form we've been prototyping. We were hoping to also construct an Operations Dashboard while prototyping. Then, once we had all the kinks sorted out, republish a final version of the feature service and transfer the Operations Dashboard to the finalized survey (we have to totally republish the survey because the schema is set on first publication in Survey123). Unfortunately, it looks like there's no easy way to move an Operations Dashboard from one feature service to another. We know about the workaround @John Dye mentioned above, but a complex dashboard leaves a lot of JSON ID's to change.

With a template, this would be easy. Once we finalized our survey, we could save the dashboard we made as a template, and then apply it to the republished survey. 

It would also allow us to speed up the process of making deliverables for clients with similar needs, for example different local governments monitoring the same issue.

by Anonymous User

This would be extremely helpful for our company as we have a single dashboard that runs from the same hosted feature schema that has been setup multiple times for multiple projects in order to keep client confidentiality needs. There is a lot going on our Dashboard and being able to save as a template and redirect or "field map" the dashboard to a new hosted feature service that has the same schema or a little different, would be MOST helpful!

I think it could work something similar to "Set Data Sources" within Catalog for a Mapping Document by right clicking on the file and choosing that option.


Please add ability to create OD templates and option to switch the source map. 


Ditto, this would be so helpful.

I recently had to roll our Hydrant Inspection program forward to the new year (2019.)

The Op Dashboard is a very well received part of that program and used a lot.

Unfortunately, I did not know you couldn't just swap out the map until I I copied the 2018 Dashboard and was hit with the reality of rebuilding the Dashboard.

I would be swapping identical layers with the exception of some naming for 2019 over 2018.

But I had to rebuild all widgets from scratch.  Tedious, error prone, not a good situation for an ADD guy who gets antsy doing repetitive work that should be easily solved by a PC.

Many thanks to Mr. Dye for his suggestion.  I had tried something similar but got hung up trying to find the Json and then overwhelmed by other work fires so that by the time I returned to the project, I really had no option but to drudge it out by hand.  I don't do well with drudgery. 


I can't stress enough how huge a difference this would make.

I just had a data layer get corrupted, and now the dashboards that consume it have to be rebuilt from scratch because after fixing the layer, the dashes no longer remember any of the filters or references that had previously been set up. Restoring to/loading a template I had made would have saved me a ton of work.


This exact thing happened to me just now.  The data got corrupted by using the ArcGIS Online rebuild spatial indexes tool.  :( 

I don't see why you can't rebuild the data, add it to the map and have ops dashboard pick up the same layers.  But I guess it looks for item ids and these change when the layer is republished.