Operation dashboard - Add the ability to save as a template

12-15-2017 02:00 PM
Status: Open
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The idea is to use your existing dashboard with other maps without having to create all the widgets again when changing the input map. Ideally, there would be an input layer for the whole dashboard and all the widgets would use it unless specified otherwise in the widget itself. operations dashboard for argis template


The name doesn't clearly indicate this, but #ENH-000121516 "[Enhancement] Allow the ability to switch a the underlying map in the Operations Dashboard" formally captures the request to add functionality to Operations Dashboard for saving templates.


Two years later and ESRI is yet to implement this.  


Fairly common - this one has been around for almost ten years now and hasn't been implemented: https://community.esri.com/ideas/15354 . Unfortunately the statuses don't indicate much - there are many Ideas that have been around for years that are "New" and ones like this that have been "Reviewed" or those that are "Under Consideration" - since we don't get potential timelines or details, these generally aren't helpful...


I needed this today.....shame I cant copy dashboards!


Great idea +1


I agree! Would love to be able to swap out a map without having to rebuild the entire dashboard again (widgets are still there, but their configuration is lost).

In cases where the field names and types are the same, this is badly needed.

In cases where the field names may have changes, a re-mapping menu would aid in preserving all the configurations of widgets before a data swap without having to basically re-make them all.

In my experience, chart and other widgets can be reconfigured. Side panel filter widgets often have to be deleted and added again and reconfigured. This is a very time consuming process with a complex, custom dashboard.


This seems like it should be very simple to add this option/tool.  It has been three-and-a-half years since the idea was first presented.  Are we any closer to this tool being available.  It would save a ton of time and make dashboard more of an integral tool.


Is there any update on this? Is this feature in development? With Dashboards being the core for many departments and organizations now, this should be a priority. 


Can't believe, it's been 4 years and this feature is still not being included in the dashaboard. The dashboards that I am working on requires constant updates so I have to rebuild my dashboard every week lol. Can't we just swap the layer info each time? 


@BiwanZhou I had the hopes to utilize the Python API to do just that, but it is not suited for automated Dashboard creation and updating/editing at the moment. Directly copying editing the json is possible in an Enterprise Environment, but not an Esri supported workflow. From my experience there is an increasing demand for automation regarding item and app creation, including but not limited to Dashboards.