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More query operators for the Category Selector in ArcGIS Online Operations Dashboard

12-27-2018 03:17 PM
Status: Implemented
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The Category Selector in Operations Dashboard currently allows Single choice selections and Multiple choice selections. The query operators for Multiple choice selections are "include" or "does not include." These operators do not offer the same functionality as the operators "contains" or "does not contain." ESRI Customer Support explained this to me in an email:

I've done some digging into this issue and I think I've pinpointed the confusion.The 'include' operator works as an 'equals' operator when only one value is selected, works as an 'IN' operator when multiple values are selected, but never works as a 'contains' operator. This means that the query is looking for fields that exactly match the string you've configured as the query value. The result of this is that when you select multiple values, for example [category1] AND [category2], the category selector will filter to show only features that have [category1] OR [category2] as the value for the selected field. However, a feature that has the value of [category1,category2] would not be shown because the value is not an exact match despite containing both search terms.

My idea is to add two additional operators to the Category Selector in Operations Dashboard: "contains" and "does not contain." These operators will allow querying categories that are comma-separated in a single field. (This comma-separated format is standard for Multiple Choice data from Survey123.)


Absolutely! It would be great if the category selectors functioned the same way as a typical filter, which would allow for 'contains' and 'does not 'contain'. The way it is now is a huge setback for Operations Dashboard. 


I would also really find this useful.  This is roadblock in my workflow if I want to use operations dashboard.  Please add this enhancement ESRI.



This would be a very useful addition. Piggybacking off this to also suggest adding a "Null" or "Is Blank" option.

I've seen something similar mentioned here, but there hasn't been much follow-up.


Yes, the operator options for the selector tool in Operations Dashboard seems to have been overlooked at ESRI.  Most other filter/query tools within ArcGIS Online seem to have a lot more options for building some very useful queries.

Would love to see some input and movement on this from the Operations Dashboard team, as the lack of operators is really limiting.


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Derek Law


Agree this would be very useful. For example, I have a field with a list of counties (Abbeville, Anderson, Bamberg…) impacted by weather events. There is no easy way (that I can tell) of using the selector to get all of the storms that impact X county. Another field has list of weather impacts (Heavy Snow, Ice Storm, Wind Chill), which presents the same problem. I can’t easily find all Ice Storm events with a selector. 


Operations Dashboard and Experience both! We have use cases very similar to Tanner's list of counties/impacts above and it's a real shame we can't use Ops Dash for these.


I would also really appreciate this functionality; I have a field 'Researchers' that is a list of names, separated by semicolons. I want to provide a drop-down menu of the individual names, and have it filter to all points where that name appears in the list of researchers. 


Just yesterday I needed this query operator for a dashboard but couldn't find it. So vote up for this great idea!


This idea gets a big upvote from me.  Given that Survey123 collects multi-select answers as comma separated lists, and that dashboards are a great way to review and analyse survey results, the lack of a way to use a grouped values Category Selector to effectively query and filter on such a list via a "CONTAINS" statement seems like a big omission.

And given that so many other widgets in the AGOL ecosystem allow these types of queries, could this not be a relatively quick win to implement?

It'd be great to hear thoughts from someone at ESRI on this idea.

Status changed to: Under Consideration