Highlight feature shown in Details element of Dashboard

08-20-2018 06:17 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice if you could enable a feature in Operations Dashboard that would highlight the feature in the map that is currently selected in the details element. For example, if you're looking at a citywide map that is full of features that pertain to distinct small sections of the city, it would be great if the feature which is summarized in the details element were highlighted in the map, so the viewer could easily find the shape that corresponds to the information in the details element.

I think it would be good if this highlighting feature could be turned on or off at the viewer's discretion. 


I was going to put in a new Idea though I found this one from 2018. Doesn't seem like it has had much love - and a very useful add in my opinion.

I usually use a List element to filter the Details element and pan/zoom/etc. on the Map. I have FLASH set as an action in my List, though Flash only lasts a couple of seconds on the Map. It would be good to have HIGHLIGHT as an Action (the same as or similar to FLASH but doesn't turn off) - this would stay on until the feature is unselected or another feature is selected.

When you have clusters of points/lines/polygons, you can quickly lose the feature on the Map.

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Dan Whaland‌ while looking at something else in the Dashboard JSON I did find an option to change the number of times a selected feature flashes on a map using ArcGIS Online Assistant.

This greatly improves selected feature visibility on a map. I would like to see this setting exposed in the Map element settings.

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