Dashboards (AGOL)- Allow Details Element to be Configured Independently of Pop Up

05-07-2018 02:02 PM
Status: Already Offered
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Dashboards (AGOL)- Allow Details Element to be Configured Independently of Pop Up OR Allow control of which layers display popups in the dashboard map element.

Why we want this: To reduce confusion on dashboards containing multiple data layers.  The details associated with the layer that is associated with all other elements on the dashboard should be in a details pane rather than a pop up.  The layers that do not have dashboard elements associated with them should be pop ups contained within the map window.

(Currently, in the AGOL dashboard environment: Within the map window you have to enable all or none of the popups and the details pane is a reflection of the popups set up in the online map.) 

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Status changed to: Already Offered

@CrystalMcDermott1 If I understand correctly, I think this is already possible by following some steps.... The layers you bring into the Map Viewer should all exist as standalone web layers. One these layers, you can set the popup info via their item page. When these layers are brought into the Map Viewer, you can leave the popups as-is for all but one layer. For that layer, you should choose to Remove Pop-up (the Map Viewer is now 'overriding' what is stored in the layer)   


When you add the Details element to your dashboard, do not select the layer that is stored in the web map (it no longer has popups). Rather, click the 'Select Layer' option and choose the original web layer (it's popups will still be there). 


Let us know if this does not work.