'Secured basemap' on Collector, works fine in Portal

01-16-2022 04:01 PM
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I recently switched our aerial imagery provider to Metromap. I have an enterprise subscription which uses Microsoft's SSO to login users to the web app which has worked great. To use within Portal for ArcGIS I created an API to the WMTS which works great in portal. Note "Austalia_latest" is the API layer. 

map viewer.jpgportal item2.jpg

When the same map is accessed via one of ESRIs apps such as Collector I get the prompt "Secured Basemap". Thing is as I use an API so there is no username password.

explorer app.jpg

I reached out to Metromaps support but haven't had a resolution. My field workers are currently having to cancel the prompt and switch to a different basemap. Has anyone else experienced this?


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